Removing Financial Barriers to Financial Literacy FAI's Fee Waiver Policy

At Fair Advisors Institute (FAI), we believe financial education shouldn't be a privilege but an accessible tool for everyone. That's why we offer a fee waiver program to ensure all individuals and companies, regardless of their financial circumstances, have the opportunity to improve their financial literacy.

Our Commitment

FAI's mission is centered on empowering individuals through financial knowledge. We prioritize making our courses accessible to everyone who wants to learn. We will not turn anyone away due to their inability to pay the program fee.

We understand that program fees are crucial for sus-
taining our educational services. Therefore, we may
need to limit the number of fee-waived participants in
each course.

Eligibility and Application Process


Demonstrate financial hardship or need through a Fee Waiver Application form. Submit the application form through our website or by contacting FAI at 720.279.1371. 

FAI will review the application and determine eligibility.
Additional documentation may be requested.
Enrolling in the next available course at a chosen location is granted if approved.


Contact FAI through the form below or call 720.279.1376 to request a fee waiver application. Submit the completed application form to FAI. 

Following review by FAI, you will be notified of eligibility and can then communicate this benefit to employees for enrollment in upcoming courses.

FAI strives to bridge the gap between financial education and affordability by providing this fee waiver program. We believe everyone deserves the chance to build a brighter financial future and are committed to making that journey accessible to all.

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