Closing the Financial
Literacy Gap in Colorado

Leveling the Playing Field

Carol Fabbri, CFP®
Fair Advisors Founder

Breaking the
cycle of debt and
brighter futures.
Fair Advisors
Institute equips
Coloradans with
the tools for

Building Financial Confidence, One Coloradoan at a Time

What if financial security isn't a privilege but a reality for all?

This visionary spark fueled Carol Fabbri, CFP®, to create Fair Advisors Institute (FAI) in 2010.

A seasoned financial advisor and co-author of "Personal Investing: The Missing Manual", Carol witnessed firsthand the struggles of Colorado families facing limited financial literacy. This lack of knowledge and resources created a stark reality: countless households across the state were either unbanked or underbanked, leaving them vulnerable and underserved.

Today's financial landscape is a complex maze. Navigating it without a map can be perilous at best. The barrage of financial needs and options can be overwhelming, leading to costly mistakes that impact individuals and communities alike. Without the tools for informed decision-making, people are at risk of overpaying for basic services, accumulating debt, and jeopardizing their credit scores. This can create a ripple effect, impacting local businesses and hindering economic stability, especially for disadvantaged communities.FAI emerged as a beacon of hope, designed to empower Coloradans with the financial knowledge and skills they need to thrive. This 501(c)(3) organization, born from Carol's vision and dedicated volunteers, continues to bridge the gap toward financial well-being.